Learn about our programs

At RahAthletics Sports Performance Inc., our result oriented performance enhancement programs are designed to help athletes build a solid athletic foundation so they can improve strength, explosive power, foot speed, agility, lateral movement, sport specific conditioning, and decrease the risk of injury.

Elite Performance Program (Professional Athletes)

We understand the rigorous demands that professional athletes endure during the season and what it takes to prepare for competition. We offer integrated programs for elite athletes so they can improve performance, enhance recovery, optimize nutrition, minimize injuries, and prolong their career.

Collegiate Performance Program (Collegiate Athletes)

Whether you are home for the winter or summer, our goal is to focus on building strength, power, quickness, speed, and specific conditioning so college athletes can compete at high levels.

High School Performance Program (Ages 14-18)

This is our transformation phase where the goal is based on solid execution and fundamental training habits, so the athlete can maximize their performance goals. We use cutting edge strength and conditioning programs from Olympic lifting, strength and power, mobility, agility, and energy system development so athletes can be a vital asset to their team, as well as prepare them to excel at the collegiate level.

Middle School Program (Ages 10-13)

This age range is the highest plasticity to develop coordination and spatial awareness; therefore, we use both simple and complex motor skill exercises. We focus on mobility due to numerous growth spurts. We will introduce the fundamentals of functional strength training and the foundation of functional movement so athletes will improve core and postural strength, body control, coordination and over athleticism

Youth Development (Ages 6-9)

At this age we understand that the central nervous system is like a magnet; therefore, any stimulus that you give an athlete at this age, they will absorb like a sponge. This is a great opportunity to give an athlete a broad based approach and see so many forms of activities and modes of athleticism which will establish a great foundation for long term development. We use “outcome based coaching” where we introduce athletes to non-specific exercises that will aid their natural development of coordination and discovery.

Team training

Let us get your team ready for the season. We provide a systematic program customized from our performance assessment. We work collectively with the coaches to determine specific goals that will allow the athletes to become more explosive, stronger, faster, and recover more effectively. We will educate the players and coaches so they are confident to implement the program.