Basketball Performance Clinic

RahAthletics Basketball Performance Clinic will provide basketball players with an opportunity to learn the necessary skills to build their basketball athleticism so they can gain a competitive edge on the court. Athleticism is the missing ingredient that takes good players to great and great players to unstoppable. College coaches and NBA scouts are looking to recruit athletes that can run, jump, stop on a dime, change direction, and have a motor that doesn’t stop because they know they will be essential assets to the success of their team. Therefore it is extremely important to get started on developing your basketball athleticism. Our staff includes some of the nation’s best basketball performance and recovery trainers. Our cumulative experience has worked with every level from youth, high school, college, and professional, including NBA, NBDL, and WNBA. Our basketball performance clinic is structured to provide basketball players and coaches cutting edge basketball performance and recovery information. Mastering movement patterns that are specific to basketball is the key to maximizing basketball skills, strength, speed, agility, explosive power, and basketball specific conditioning.

*Contact us if you would like to host one of our 2 hour cutting edge basketball performance clinic.


Speed and Agility Clinic

Speed, agility, and quickness are the key factors in dominating your sport. Coaches and scouts from all sports covet theses skills. Our clinics are designed to give athletes the necessary tools, resources, and confidence to build a strong foundation. We will apply scientific based training which will focus on mobility, dynamic flexibility, sprint mechanics, quickness, explosive power, acceleration, cutting skills, proper footwork, and lateral movement so you can gain a competitive edge and excel within your sport.

*Contact us if you would like to host one of our 2- hour dynamic Speed and Agility Clinics.